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Trade fairs, congresses and other physical events are usually a very attractive attraction for companies and attendees, who take advantage of these meetings to learn about new developments in the sector and to network. However, there are many factors that reduce the likelihood of success of the event, distance, lack of time or the high cost unbalance the hegemony of these meetings.

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Immersive experiences to 
improve business objectives

To improve attendees’ time, combat physical distances, and reduce investment and costs for companies, virtual events are the most convenient solution.

This is how we make the leap from the traditional offline channel to the digital channel through the screens of any electronic device with an internet connection. The main idea of these events is to immerse the attendee in immersive experiences without the need to travel.

Types of showrooms.

The most widely used virtual events to date are those that require a single device for viewing.

  • Streaming, for live events and conferences
    Questions and comments in real time to speakers, teachers or lecturers.
  • The round table concept enables dialogue between speakers and a group of attendees at a digital event from anywhere in the world.
    Through digital workshops, the teacher can contribute knowledge to a virtual room to which the attendees connect.
  • Trade fairs. The concept of trade fairs has also evolved, and many offline fairs have their own streaming or digital version. Each brand attends with a stand from which it can interact with anyone who needs information about the product or service on offer.
Aedas showroom
Aedas showroom
Virtual tours or showrooms are the most commonly used resources by real estate agencies or marketers that promote properties through the viewing of audiovisual materials.

However, technological advances are sharpening the way in which the contents are shown through, for example, augmented reality glasses such as:

With this system the user can interact with the space as it recognises shapes and volumes, it also incorporates voice and gesture control and is fully connected to the Microsoft Windows 10 system.
Focused on virtual reality experiences at scale, with them we can wander around the virtual room and interact with objects.
For full immersive experiences in virtual reality, they are aimed at telepresence and multi-user virtual reality scenarios. They allow a natural feeling of interaction with a non-physical space.
The best option for 360° videos or virtual tours. They are characterised by their easy operation and are responsible for reproducing 360° spaces.
With these gloves we enhance interaction by providing a more realistic touch, with feedback to the user.

Benefits of a virtual showroom:

There are many benefits of online media in digital events, one of the main ones is the optimisation of the control of the event, allowing the organisation to have a more precise control in quantitative or attendance terms, before, during and after the event and in general they are usually linked to marketing actions to ensure its success.
At Jet we have worked to make the experience inside the showroom as effective as possible and oriented towards maintaining a conversation with the end customer at all times.

This is how RExperience was born, with the purpose of achieving a double positive impact:

    1. It improves the efficiency of the sales teams of real estate developers or marketers
    2. Optimisation of the user experience when faced with the process of buying a home.

Customer interactions with the different RExperience sales assets, whether physical or digital, generate a user profile that determines the best follow-up action that sales teams can take. This is where the user experience is combined with the efficiency of the sales teams.

showroom virtual


This value proposition is committed to extending and digitising the moment of the visit, combining processes and technology to cover the entire user journey. The core of the model is to link a lead management and user intelligence system with the sales assets that builds (models, infographics, renders…).

In this way, RExperience registers the user in the earliest phase of their decision process and cultivates the link throughout the entire journey:
Before the visit. Designing attractive digital assets and working on digital campaigns to promote demand and conversion in different channels.

During the visit. Digitising the point of sale of the promotion, through interactive mock-ups, visit assistants and other solutions that allow to record consumer behaviour and offer high-value functionalities for the customer. These benefits include: the possibility of configuring aspects of the property live, consulting availabilities, learning about the environment of each development, etc.

After the visit. Personalising marketing actions based on the insights captured about the user, generating customer archetypes and detonating the best marketing or sales action for each one.


Multiply the number of users who are interested in one of your promotions and schedule a commercial visit.


Optimise your point of sale and improve your customer’s experience through interactive mock-ups and a standardised commercial script.


Collect the information obtained during the visit and share content that reduces pains and drives sales.

Commercial Action

Analyse the user’s fit with your ideal customer and their level of interaction with the content to define the best commercial action.